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Dragons Galore

You've come to this website expecting dragons, and this is precisely what is going to be on offer here. Not just dragons however: we're talking about dragons you can wear day to day. You can wear them around the house or out with friends - you can even wear them to bed. We're not talking about actual dragons of course (seeing as they are mythical creatures), or even fancy dress costumes, but rather dragon-themed t-shirts. Where better to read about the various kinds of dragon t-shirts out there than here at tyshadragon.co.uk? This is one of the few places on the internet that you'll find passion about dragons that at least matches your own fervour for the mythical creatures, and the quality of the t-shirts is such that the designs won't fade over time!

  • Fireball Dragon T-Shirt

    Fireball Dragon T-Shirt

    The design of this first t-shirt is quite bold. You'll notice some fairly loud reds on this t-shirt, as well as the central piece: a full depiction of a dragon perched on rocky ledge. The flames really make a nice contrast to the black rock, and the red/black smoke pattern gives the whole t-shirt a smouldering look.

  • Bravery Misplaced T-Shirt

    Bravery Misplaced T-Shirt

    'Bravery Misplaced' is an apt title for this t-shirt, which depicts a knight approaching a dragon in his cave. This is a slightly more understated piece than the Fireball t-shirt above; the monochrome is rather striking and will appeal to those looking for a more subtle design. Is the knight brave or foolish though? This can be up to the wearer.

  • Red Dragon T-Shirt

    Red Dragon T-Shirt

    This 'Red Dragon' design will almost certainly appeal to fans of serpent-like dragons, perhaps dragging up memories from their younger days defeating the dragon at the end of Tomb Raider II. This one has a warmth about it, though no fire or flames to be seen.

  • Dragon Fury Mens T-Shirt

    Dragon Fury Mens T-Shirt

    The increased price of this t-shirt ($21.99) is due to the dual-side print of the design. The front side depicts a dragon standing tall and unleashing fiery fury. The dragon is similar in appearance to a Dilophosaurus, as depicted in the Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus scene. This t-shirt has a little more ferocity than its extinct counterpart however.

  • Silver Dragon T-Shirt

    Silver Dragon T-Shirt

    Another monochrome design that displays subtlety in its design, 'Silver Dragon' has the titular dragon perched stoically on the edge of a rock face, facing east and looking across the t-shirt, out into what can only be seen in the imagination. Vincent Hie is the artist responsible for this magnificent design.

  • The Duel T-Shirt

    The Duel T-Shirt

    One of the less subtle designs in the list, 'The Duel' depicts two dragons of differing appearance battling it out against quite a loud background of oranges and reds as their respective knights ride atop them. it is as if the entire background is bathed in fire while an epic battle takes place in the foreground, making this t-shirt design from Meikle John graphics an eye-catching piece.

  • Fireball Dragon Child's T-Shirt

    Fireball Dragon Child

    You'll find this design to be identical to the aforementioned Fireball Dragon T-Shirt, only this one comes in a child size so that it can be worn by the littler fans of dragons out there! As with the other t-shirts here, this is available in sizes small to x-large and is made from 100% cotton.

  • Dragon Battle Black T-Shirt

    Dragon Battle Black T-Shirt

    The design of this 'Dragon Battle' t-shirt is sure to appeal to wide audience. It depicts two dragon heads facing each other in an almost Face Off-esque butting of heads. Each dragon is emitting fire of a different colour, and a full-dragon battle scene is depicted on the reverse.

  • Dragon Face T-Shirt

    Dragon Face T-Shirt

    An entire dragon's face dominates virtually the whole t-shirt in this design. This one may divide opinion: some may like the insistent and oversized dragon head with a smouldering ash-like theme, whilst others may prefer a design with full dragons.

  • Dragon Heritage T-Shirt

    Dragon Heritage T-Shirt

    A dragon head bound in chains makes up the design on this t-shirt, though the attraction here s is surely the design on the reverse that depicts a skull with a contrasting red baby dragon crawling over it.

  • Obsidian Dragon T-Shirt

    Obsidian Dragon T-Shirt

    'Obsidian' is a design that portrays an obsidian dragon atop a smouldering, almost volcano-like surface, with a design on the back that appears to be a dragon skeleton with a fiery background. This one is difficult to dislike.