Dragon Ornaments

Though some may enjoy cuddling up to a dragon beanie or stuffed dragon toy at night, and others may get their dragon kicks from raising their dragons in any one of the many pet dragon games for mobile, others prefer a more hands-off approach. That is to say, some people prefer to collect and have their dragons on display for all to see. The best kind of product for these purposes is of course the dragon ornament or figurine. Made from ceramic or similar materials, the dragon ornaments on display in this article are varied in style, colour, and presentation, but all are equally collectible and look fantastic on the mantelpiece or display cabinet.

  • Grawlbane the Dragon Figurine

    Grawlbane the Dragon Figurine

    Grawlblane the Dragon is a dragon ornament painted in fairly neutral colours. He’s painted largely in white which fades into various shades of blue, the latter colour highlighting the spines of his tail, the bony structures of the wings, and the patterns running up his neck and across his face. Perched on a small rock, this ornament stands 20 cm tall and weighs a hefty 1.2kgs.  

  • Wisdom Dragon Nest Figurine

    Wisdom Dragon Nest Figurine

    You don’t often see dragons depicted as an entire family – particularly in the gothic-style ornaments – but this Wisdom Dragon Nest figurine features a dragon parent tending to two of his young perched around a pool of water. This colours and patterns are more complex in this figure than with the Grawlblane one, though at 26cm wide, 20 cm tall, and 1.5kg in weight, you get a lot of ornament for the £47.95 asking price!

  • Azar Dragon Figurine 22cm

    Azar Dragon Figurine 22cm

    The Azar dragon ornament depicts clear anguish in this beautiful and powerful creature’s stance. This dragon’s colour fades between purple and black and he is depicted as being chained to the stone on which he is standing. He’s 22cm tall with an open mouth that looks more avian than serpentine, but the resin construction and small details work in this statue’s favour. A slightly cheaper option at £32.95 purchased from http://www.gothic-gifts.com/p13421-azar-dragon-figurine-22cm.

  • Dragon Lair (Anne Stokes)

    Dragon Lair (Anne Stokes)

    You can see the immense detail that this Anne Stokes design benefits from here. Though the fiery-red dragon itself possesses a fearsome and threatening gaze that draws the eye towards it, the real highlight is in fact the surface on which he looms over. The skeletons of fallen soldiers and attackers can be seen strewn about the scorched ground, a detail that sets this one apart from almost all of the other examples on this list. Follow this link to check it out this grand (27 cm long) and hefty (1.7kg) piece.

  • Rise of the Dragons Figurine

    Rise of the Dragons Figurine

    Gorgeous detail is the main attraction of this “Rise of Dragons” figurine. The cast resin construction gives a hefty feel to the two dragons that comprise its design, both perched atop a large, twisted tree limb which itself is painted in exquisite detail. The two different dragon types add some variety to this piece, and the way each dragon’s tail wraps around and drapes over the branch only adds to the figure’s charm.

  • Dread Dragon of the Sea Figurine

    Dread Dragon of the Sea Figurine

    You cannot ignore the painstaking detail displayed in this Dragon of the Sea figurine. Depicting a Sea Dragon perched atop a Viking ship that is moments away from sinking, the only thing more striking than the detail of the model are the colours which overlay it. Various shades of greens and yellow blend with aquamarines to depict a dragon that is clearly aquatic in its morphology (with almost fin-like webbing on its wings, and the Viking ship beneath as well as the water that is about to engulf are wonderful pieces of icing on top the very well-designed cake.

  • Sky Dragon Figurine 56 cm

    Sky Dragon Figurine 56 cm

    From sea dragons to sky dragons now, with this Sky Dragon figurine that measures a staggering 56cm tall. Perched on a detailed rendering of a tree (with a wonderful branch and root network), this is a very unique and majestic-looking dragon, owed mainly to its largely paper-white colour with sky-blue low-lights most visible on the spines of the wings. The minimalist colour certainly makes him look like a dragon of the sky, and his position atop the tree which he dwarfs is impressive. A must-have for any collector, sold for £59.95 at this link: http://www.gothic-gifts.com/p10464-sky-dragon-figurine-56-cm.

  • Snarlfyre Dragon King Bronze Figurine

    Snarlfyre Dragon King Bronze Figurine

    The menacing presence of Snarlfyre is unmistakable. His almost monochrome exterior gives him an almost stone-like appearance, blending almost seamlessly with the twisted stone on which he is perched. This is no bird however: this is a dragon that commands the most powerful spirit magic around, making him a terrifying presence and as far from the comparatively cute and cuddly dragons of the How to Train Your Dragon books as can be.

    This cast-bronze ornament can be acquired for £48.95 from Gothic Gifts.

  • Mountaintop Clan Dragon Figurine NEW

    Mountaintop Clan Dragon Figurine NEW

    Leagues above most other dragon ornaments on this list in terms of weight, height, and general detail, Mountaintop Clan Dragon Figurine depicts a stunning red dragon with its multiple hatchlings seen visibly emerging from the eggs. The price tag is steep – it’ll cost you £98, but it is 4kgs in weight and 43cm tall after all.

  • Dragon Rider Queen Bronze Figurine

    Dragon Rider Queen Bronze Figurine

    The first figurine on the list to feature a fully-fledged human, this Dragon Rider Queen figurine is made from bronze and has a natural finish on the whole of its exterior. Bearing in mind that this is a Veronese item, the 79.95 asking price is rather reasonable.

  • Midnight Dragon Statue

    Midnight Dragon Statue

    The Midnight Dragon statue is as the name implies: a sinister-looking beast, largely purple in colour and standing on a base of skulls. Its spread-wing stance reveals its muscular stature, and the detail in its design is impressive. Medieval Collectibles has this for a reasonable $80.

  • Water Dragon Statue

    Water Dragon Statue

    Though its colours look rather similar to those of Vaporeon from the Pokémon series, this Water Dragon Statue’s paint looks majestic in colour and its base – a rock protruding from foamy seas – also adds to the wonderful detail of the $90 figure.

  • Black Dragon on Rune-Sword Statue

    Black Dragon on Rune-Sword Statue

    Though its monotone black paintwork makes it look a little blander than the rest of the dragons on this page, the fact that it is wrapped around a rune sword makes it too cool for you to look away. This has a hand-painted finish to it, though at $229 at Medieval Collectibles this is one of the more expensive items in this list.

  • 3-Headed Volcano Dragon Statue

    3-Headed Volcano Dragon Statue

    The vivid colours of this dragon statue make it stand out from the crowd. The dragon is lava-coloured, and all three (yes, that’s three) of its necks feature a fiery mane/spine structure. Another hand-painted piece, this is will set you back $90 and can be found at this link: http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/p-5810-3-headed-volcano-dragon-statue.aspx.

  • Sentinel Dragon Statue by Tom Wood

    Sentinel Dragon Statue by Tom Wood

    This green and red dragon by Tom Wood isn’t the most spectacular or impressive, but it is decent enough if you’re looking to fill a space between the more epic dragons you can buy on this list.

  • White Dragon Guardian Statue

    White Dragon Guardian Statue

    It’s hard not to have a soft spot for guardian dragons, so this White Dragon Guardian Statue should resonate well with you noble dragon fans out there. Sat atop a treasure which it is said to be protecting, the all-white dragon is a stark contrast to the usual colour-laden/monochrome beasts.

  • Grey Dragon and Rider LED Statue

    Grey Dragon and Rider LED Statue

    This statue depicts a fearsome dragon as well as the warrior that rides atop him. The base of the Grey Dragon and Rider statue has an LED light inside, giving a smouldering effect to the structure on which the dragon is perched.

  • Black Dragon on Nights Castle Statue

    Black Dragon on Nights Castle Statue

    Another (relatively) expensive piece, this one depicts a black dragon wrapped around a grand castle of almost equal height. The stone effect on the castle contrasts very well with the black dragon, making it worth the $160 asking price.

  • Roaring Red Dragon with Treasure Statue

    Roaring Red Dragon with Treasure Statue

    Here’s a roaring red dragon statue that is depicted as trying to defend the stash of treasure that sits beneath it. It isn’t the most original design, but the vivid red colour works well with the rock-effect base and the treasure below. Also available from Medieval Collectibles!

  • Roaring Red Treasure Dragon Statue

    Roaring Red Treasure Dragon Statue

    This figurine is almost identical to the above red dragon statue, only it is in an (arguably) more intimidating position, roaring fiercely over the treasure and being rather imposing. This is the better of the two statues in terms of sheer impact on the eye.

  • Guarding the Horde Dragon and Fairy Statue

    Guarding the Horde Dragon and Fairy Statue

    The fierce nature of the Enraged Red Dragon comes through due to his stance here: two limbs out to the back with his front two limbs perched on the rocky structure. The blue crystals are also a nice touch. This one is highly recommended as it is more dramatic than the dragons sitting in more neutral positions on this list.

  • Blue and Purple Dragon with Glowing Skull

    Blue and Purple Dragon with Glowing Skull

    This one’s for the gothic fans: a purple/blue coloured dragon guarding an LED-lit skull atop a rocky structure. This is a classic gothic-looking piece, and relatively affordable at $115 dollars if you follow this link - http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/p-34554-blue-and-purple-dragon-with-glowing-skull.aspx.

  • Red Mother Dragon with Babies Statue

    Red Mother Dragon with Babies Statue

    The battle-scarred wings of this red dragon makes one imagine a backstory that involves it protecting its young; the two hatchlings also make a nice focal point of the piece, allowing one to own a dragon family for $124.