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  • Pet Dragon Games

    Dragon Mania Legends

    Thanks to the ever-evolving nature of modern smartphone and tablet hardware, developers are able to me more prolific and flexible than ever when it comes to designing games for their consumer audience. One of the most consistently popular types of app is the pet/pet caring genre, and guess what kind of mythical creature is a popular one to pop up in these apps? That’s right: dragons. There are many sides to the dragon coin, ranging from straight-up dragon raising to battling, upgrading, and grinding.

    Pet Dragon Games

  • Dragons In Video Games


    You can't pick up a fantasy-based MMO game these days without it being very likely that you're going to encounter a big, terrifying dragon of some sort. These creatures have persisted in our language, our culture, and most importantly in our minds for thousands of years, and a quick peek at games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Metroid (who could ever forget Ridely the Dragon?), and various others demonstrates that they aren't going anywhere soon. It is therefore prudent to embrace the dragon.

    Dragons In Video Games

  • Line Puzzle Bobble

    Line Puzzle Bobble

    It doesn't get closer to digital bubblegum than LINE's Puzzle Bobble. Also known as Bust-A-Move, Puzzle Bobble is a brightly coloured puzzle game played exclusively in portrait mode. Its format should be highly familiar even to those that haven't yet played this game since its format has been used and re-used many times previously in many other games. Nevertheless, this bubble-matching game is intensely addictive when it gets going, forcing you to come back for more of its cheerful and bright puzzle action.

    Line Puzzle Bobble