Dragon Beanie Toys

There’s nothing like owning your very own dragon. Unfortunately, any dragon in the classical sense of the term is entirely mythical – a work of pure fiction, albeit one based on the serpentine and reptilian Animalia. Still, if you really, really wish to own your very own dragon, you could always settle for a tiny little dragon beanie. These beanies make a nice change to the traditional depiction of dragons in fantasy as being gigantic, rough-skinned, fork-tongued beasts; here you’ll find a pick of the best and cutest dragon beanies on the internet. From unique, standalone plush toys to some familiar creatures from the How To Train Your Dragon fame, you’ll almost certainly find a dragon beanie here that suits your fancy.

  • Legend the Red Dragon

    Dragon Beanies

    One of the more collectible dragon beanies on this list, Legend the Red Dragon comes to you in a rich red colour with his breastplate and wings shimmering with a striking gold hue. This isn’t a random generic beanie either: Legend the Red Dragon is part of the hugely popular and collectible Ty Beanie Babies.

  • Melissa & Doug Lustre Dragon

    Dragon Beanies

    Another dragon with some nice contrast between its soft and fluffy beige fur and the shiny gold fabric that depicts its horns, ears, wings, and breast area. Though not a Ty Beanie collectible, this dragon is from the famous Melissa and Dough toy company.

    This dragon also has a weighted bottom to allow it to stay upright, and this also gives it a more premium feel. Capture Melissa & Doug Lustre Dragon Beanie here.

  • Webkinz Stormy Dragon Plush Toy

    Dragon Beanies

    The Webkinz plush toys aren’t just standalone units: they also come with secret code that gives you access to the Webkinz online portal where you can care for your purchased plush in a virtual world! This dragon is no exception to this feature. Bearing the distinctive Webkinz “W” logo on one of its hind legs, your purchase of this fluffy, purple dragon comes with an adoption code that you can use to care for your dragon forever! Available at Amazon.

  • Melissa & Doug Zephyr Dragon

    Dragon Beanies

    This is another Melissa & Dough Product, only this time its fluffy body is in a minty green hue  and has shiny purple highlights on his wings and on the breast area. Another great Melissa & Doug toy!

  • Dreamy Eyes 12-inch Dragon

    Dragon Beanies

    Though its morphology is fairly standard for a plush dragon figure, and its purple colour isn’t exactly new to the plush dragon world, a stand-out feature here is oversized nature of the eyes. This gives the dragon a sort of dreamy-eyed look, making it as cute as can be. Slightly more expensive, Dreamy Eyes 12-inch Dragon is worth a mention.

  • How to Train Your Dragon Beanies

    Dragon Beanies

    There are a number of dragon beanies that comprise the official merchandise for the series. The How to Train Your Dragon 2 beanies are most numerous, with the, Gronkle, and Skull Crusher  beanies all forming part of the collection. Skull Crusher definitely looks the more menacing of the lot, but this is all relative of course – they all look remarkably cute and are constructed with high accuracy when compared to the designs in the How to Train Your Dragon movie.

    There’s also a Toothless beanie that comes from the original How to Train your Dragon movie, though this is almost identical to the other how to train your dragon toys. With a decent sized collection though this group of beanies is a great present for a little one who is really into dragons and soft plus toys.