Dragon Canvas Art

There’s a lot of different concepts of canvas art out there, but when you come across the impressively detailed, painting-like beauty of some of those featuring Dragons, the eye can be drawn to them. Though not quite the same as owning a real painting, the fine examples of Dragons canvas art below are highly popular with fans of Tolkien’s novels, as well as being particularly attractive to young and old dragon enthusiasts around the world.

  • Lord of the Rings Dragon Attack Canvas Art

    Lord of the Rings Dragon Attack Canvas Art

    This Giclée print depicts a stunning scene in which a menacing dragon is a centrepiece. Flying over the water and away from a burning wooden building behind it, the dragon’s wings are aflame as it has its terrifying gaze set on two lucky escapees of the building that is ablaze in the distance. A stunning 24x16 piece that’s dramatic with hints of hope. The Lord of the Rings Dragon Attack Canvas Art is available to purchase at Amazon.

  • Blue Ice Dragon Canvas Art

    Blue Ice Dragon Canvas Art

    The high-fantasy style is still evident in this breath-taking print in spite of the absence of any discernible action taking place. The cold blue hues make the icy expanse depicted in the picture stand out, somehow managing to capture the eye’s attention without any dramatic events taking place. Note the ice dragon that almost blends in with the pointed icy structures around it – this is a subtle design that is brightened by the gaze of the sun tearing through the troubled sky. The Blue Ice Dragon Canvas Art is one worth considering for those with an eye for the more majestic of dragons.

  • Take To The Air - A Gothic Avenger on Winged Dragon

    Take To The Air - A Gothic Avenger on Winged Dragon

    This print is for true dragon lovers, portraying an almost white-coloured dragon in the process of taking flight with a beautiful woman (called a “Gothic Avenger” in the item description) on its back. The mixture of focus in this print makes it unique: the dragon and Gothic Avenger are in the foreground while a waterfall sits blurred in the background to give a sense of perspective. A Gothic Avenger on Winged Dragon has the feeling of taking you on a journey into the realms of fantasy as the rider is about to take off on what seems like her best friend and it certainly will inspire the most eager of dragon lovers with a centre piece placement on their wall at home.

  • Golden Treasures - Gothic Golden Baby Dragons Hatching

    Golden Treasures - Gothic Golden Baby Dragons Hatching

    Making a change from the traditional depiction of dragons as being older, battle-scarred beasts, this Golden Treasures print shows three hatchling dragons at various stages of the hatching process. The scaly texture of the outer surface of the eggs is a particularly creative feature in-keeping with the morphology and fictional zoological norms that have become a feature of dragon-based mythology.

  • Dragons Lair Canvas Art

    Dragons Lair Canvas Art

    This print is more in harmony with the traditional depiction of the dragon in most fantasy tales. Bright red, scaly in appearance, and facing you head-on, this dragon is angry, and visibly so – he’s even venting steam from his nostrils. If you look closely at the floor, you can see the bones of his victims/attackers who had once dared to enter the lair in which he resides. Dragons Lair Canvas Art demonstates the more intimidating side of a formiddable dragon and can deliver a bold statement to anyone who dares gaze into the canvas long enough.

  • Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time

    This Anne Stokes design brings something unique to any wall of your home: a highly detailed portrayal of a beautiful woman with her hand stroking the dragon’s nose. Though the dragon’s skin is clearly rough and scaly in texture, its gaze as well as that of the woman’s makes this a beautiful, calm, even serene canvas print. Another affordable option at Once Upon a Time is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to Dragons Lair and demonstrates the more nurturing side of a relationship between a dragon and their owner, so if your wanting to woo someone with a more affectionate style of art this one is definately worth considering.

  • Kindred Spirit

    Kindred Spirit

    This print is another fine example of the reason Anne Stokes designs are so popular. This depicts a gorgeous (possibly elven) woman who is stood next to a tree, around which a slender green dragon creature is wrapped. She (the woman) seems to be the owner/trainer/keeper of the dragon, and her green attire matches the colour of the dragon’s skin. One of the favourites on this list for sure, this can be picked up - here and again takes the more softer angle of a dragon like the Once Upon a Time canvas.