Dragon Canvas Art

Lord of the Rings Dragon Attack Canvas Art

Few works of fiction possess the sort of depth and breadth in mythology (and dragons!) than Tolkien’s high-fantasy Lord of the Rings novels. As descriptive was he was imaginative, Tolkien’s novels (including The Hobbit and The Silmarillion as well as his most famous LOTR works) paint quite the picture in the heads of anyone who reads them. But for all of the words in the world, one cannot quite match the immediate impact of a pictorial representation of what otherwise would merely be the highly subjective images of elves, orcs, hobbits, and dragons conjured in the minds of readers after digesting the words on a page. This is where the canvas prints contained in this short article come in: they allow the formation of an objective, collective representation of the otherwise subjective world of dragons and high fantasy contained within the Lord of the Rings saga.

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